Elisa Szymanski, a prominent abstract expressionist painter, has spent her formative years between Poland and Paris, honing her craft and pursuing her studies in fine art. Her vibrant and emotive works are characterised by their colourful spontaneity and dynamic marks, designed to evoke deep emotions.

Elisa’s art is a masterful blend of colour range painting and action painting. She is renowned for her spontaneous brush strokes and gestures that typify action painting, while her use of colour creates striking, unique planes that captivate viewers. Although she primarily works with oils, Elisa occasionally experiments with different mediums such as inks, pastels, and watercolours, showcasing her versatility and creative spirit.

Her personal style has continually evolved, reflecting her commitment to individuality over conforming to movements and trends. Today, Elisa is a leading advocate for aesthetic experimentation, always pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Coming from a family of artists, Elisa’s journey in fine art began early, but her innate need for freedom led her to explore many great cities around the world. Notably, her time in Paris, with its sophisticated and energetic streets, has left a lasting impact on her work.

Experience the unique vision and creativity of Elisa Szymanski, where every piece tells a story of exploration and passion.

Elisa Szymanski's artistry is deeply inspired by her quest for space and independence, her inner strength, and the diverse landscapes, architecture and fashion. Her unique approach is beautifully encapsulated in her own words:

"Most of my paintings are titled before I start to paint; I let them go so they return to me in an intriguing form re-phrased in visual motion. I paint from a surreal memory of ever-changing art forms."

Elisa's work has garnered international acclaim, with her pieces showcased in prestigious publications such as Miami Art Magazine, Italian Corriere Dell‘Arte, The World of Interiors, and VOGUE. Her artworks grace private collections in major cities like New York, Paris, London, and Spain, a testament to her global appeal.

She has also participated in numerous international exhibitions, displaying her captivating pieces in art hubs like Miami, Paris, Cannes, Monaco, and London.

Experience the captivating world of Elisa Szymanski, where every painting tells a story of strength, independence, and a profound connection to her surroundings.